Apalachicola is far from your typical tourist town. Quiet, tree-shaded streets are lined by more than 900 historic homes and buildings, some more than a hundred years old, displaying the wealth and craftsmanship of days gone by. The city's rich maritime heritage can be seen in the skeletons of old wooden ships and the weathered faces of salty boat captains. This picturesque community is a photographer's dream.

If your family is planning a visit to Apalachicola, Florida, then congratulations -- you are in for the time of your life! Chances are, you are also looking for a local photographer to capture the special occasion.

To select a photographer for ANY special family event, several things should be considered.
  • Is the person you are considering a full-time professional photographer?
  • Is the photographer experienced in dealing with the challenges of beach photography?
  • Does the photographer have the right equipment for the job?
  • Is the photographer familiar with the Apalachicola, Florida area and the venue opportunities it provides?
  • Does the photographer offer custom packages to fit what YOUR family needs?
  • Are the photographer's rates reasonable?

But just as important are the FUN things...

  • Will everyone in your family, from elderly family members to the youngest of your children, fall in love with the photographer?
  • Do you want the photo session to be fun, entertaining and as memorable as the photos themselves?
  • Is the photographer's name Sweetie? :-)
"Sweetie" Lamberson
"I would like to offer your family my services for your family's visit. My work -- a sample of which is displayed on this website -- speaks for itself, but you can only experience my friendly, outgoing "down-home" personality if you give me a call. As many others will attest, I can make your Apalachicola, Florida photo session as enjoyable as the rest of your family's visit."

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